Safe left in farm field will be donated to Barre Historical Committee

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 August 2020 at 10:25 am

Provided photo: This safe was left in a farm field last week. It will be donated to the Barre Historical Committee to be displayed in a future town museum.

BARRE – A safe left in a farm field on East Barre Road will be donated to the Barre Historical Committee and will likely be displayed in a future Barre museum.

The safe was left in a field owned by Kirk Mathes last Thursday. Many have tried to get the safe opened to no avail. Mathes will give the closed safe to the Historical Committee.

That group would like to have the note returned that was attached to safe: “If you can open you can have what’s inside.”

That note was removed when the safe was in the field, and so was a dial that was knocked off the safe. The Barre Historical Committee would like the note and dial to be part of a display with the safe.

That message was shared this morning on the Town of Barre community Facebook page.

The Barre Historical Committee has had a barn donated to display Barre relics. Many of artifacts are currently displayed in the Town Hall but there isn’t enough space for the items, especially as there are more donations to the Historical Committee.

News about the mysterious safe quickly spread through town by word of mouth and social media last week. A group showed up with crowbars and sledgehammers and tried to pry it open in the field, but was unsuccessful.

The safe, which weighs about 500 to 600 pounds, was brought to the Mathes farm, but owner Kirk Mathes has since put it in an undisclosed location.

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