SAFE Act supporter responds to letter critical of his views

Posted 15 October 2014 at 12:00 am


I wish to thank Mr. Sambrowski for his views regarding the SAFE Act. He is right when he said, “We have met the enemy and they are us.” (State can’t legislate common sense with guns, morality, Oct. 7, 2014.)

That is precisely why we need laws that reflect society’s common sense and morality, our sense of right and wrong. For they are the letter and heart of every law our democracy enacted, including The SAFE Act.

However, I did NOT misrepresent the situation. It is a fact that two thirds of New York’s citizens support the S.A.F.E. Act (Sienna Poll, May, 2014). Mr. Sambrowski, I, too am a gun owner. And rest assured my children were taught personal responsibility including how to handle firearms safely and with respect.

I have heard your old, worn-out arguments before about how criminals don’t care about gun laws; therefore, you believe gun laws make no sense. You could not be more wrong. Consider the harsh reality that everyone is law-abiding until they gun down innocent children and teachers. Everyone is law-abiding until they snap and take out 25 people in a shopping mall.

Let’s focus on the real issue – namely the availability of assault weapons with large capacity magazines. The SAFE Act prohibits them. Gov. Cuomo is not coming after our guns, despite what I hear the extreme gun groups say. For more information about ending gun violence, I refer you to (New Yorkers Against Gun Violence).

Al Capurso