Rural residents should join in fighting to keep out large-scale turbines

Posted 7 March 2018 at 7:36 am


I don’t even live in Somerset or Yates, but I’ve been following the Apex Wind encroachment with some interest. It appears they now have petitioned Albany, the cesspool of corruption that is the Cuomo Administration: He who is pining to be the next president of the US but is also so dirty that everyone close to him seems to be on trial for something illegal. But I digress.

These wind turbines which the Apex representatives want so desperately on our shorelines are not only a menace, but dangerous to not only wildlife (James Dellingpole called them “bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes”), but to humans as well. They haven’t been around long enough to study the long-term effects of harm on the local populations’ health.

But of course, our liberal (and bought and paid for) politicians in Albany are pushing them on us, the rural population who didn’t even vote for them to be in power to control our own land, into erecting these disgusting, property value-harming, and inefficient power “saving” monstrosities anyway; Because they have the money and resources to do so, whilst we, the local population, do not.

Let me be frank:  “Wind and Solar” is a farce. It’s a phony enterprise which exists on government subsidies to stay alive all because some voters and the politicians they voted for want to “feel good” about doing something about “climate change” (formerly called Global Warning which has lost its credibility entirely after real scientists finally admitted that it was a complete hoax).

My advice is this: Get enough public rebuke and lawyers on board to fight this thing, period. I personally will donate to any organization who will help out our neck of the woods and fight these liberal, globalist tree-hugger politicians who are hell bent on disrupting our way of life out here just so they can get elected again. Don’t stop fighting the good fight, we out here in the “woods” support you, no matter what the corporations or legislatures want you to believe.

Kim Kennedy