Roy-Hart’s ’76 title team inducted to the Proud To Be A Ram Wall of Fame

Contributed Story Posted 2 October 2017 at 8:34 am

Contributed Photo – Members of the 1976 Roy-Hart championship football team are shown here during Saturday’s ceremony which saw the team inducted into the Proud to be a Ram Wall of Fame. The six empty chairs in front honor the members of the team who have passed away.

On Saturday, the Roy-Hart Athletics Department honored the 7th newest member of the Roy-Hart PROUD TO BE A RAM WALL OF FAME – the 1976 Division VI champion Varsity Football Team.

The 1976 Roy-Hart Varsity Football Team became the first “Team” to be inducted to the PROUD TO BE A RAM WALL OF FAME.

The 76’ Rams went 6-1 (7-1 overall) to claim the division title over Starpoint and Wilson, which both went 5-2. The Rams defeated Starpoint 41-8 and Wilson 30-8. The season also included a narrow 22-20 win over Medina as the lone setback was an 18-8 loss to Albion.

Captains Mark Wilson, Tom Connette, and Mike Teaven lead the 76’ Varsity Team onto Bruno Pacini Field on Saturday with long-time Head Football Coach Bruno Pacini in attendance as well. Many members of the 76’ Varsity Football were on hand to be recognized for this prestigious honor.

Varsity 76’ Team member Kenny Keirn delivered a heart-warming halftime speech in front of his 1977 Classmates, JV Football Teams of Roy-Hart/Barker and Medina and hundreds of Roy-Hart Community Members as the 76’ Varsity Rams and Coach Pacini, wearing 1976 Championship t-shirts, stood proudly on the 50 yard line – 40 years after playing on that exact same field.

Keirn reflected on the good times about playing with his teammates and their accomplishments, the tough practices they endured, and remembered the six team-members that are no longer with the 76’ Rams. A moment of silence was recognized by the crowd to honor their former teammates.