Roy-Hart has five State Scholar/Athlete Teams for fall sports season

Contributed Story Posted 15 December 2018 at 8:55 am

VOLLEYBALL: Compiling a 94.07 composite grade point average to earn a New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar/Athlete Team Award the volleyball squad iincludes, in front Alyssa Kubas, Marissa Scott, Kristina Burdick, Maddie Cimney, Paige Dent and Jamie Seib. In back are Rebecca Jones, Jamie Coons, Aspen Moore, Ella Brown, Alexis Conolly and Emilia Peracinny.

BOYS SOCCER: In front are Colby Hancock, Jason Kuchey, Matt Scott, Trent Choat, Evan Conley, Hunter Pratt and Brendan Saia. In back are Adrian Walker, Jacob Fritton, Jacob Higgins, Clayton Keyes, Adian Bligh, Noah Hardy and Michael Kuchey. The team had a composite grade point average of 92.8175.

GIRLS SOCCER: Clara Jones, Makenzie White, Hanna Willard, Kara Choate, Reanna Perkins, Rielly Young, Emily Metz, Maddie Fry, Taylor Rhinehart. The team’s composite average was 93.06.

CROSS COUNTRY: :In front are Kelsey Cimmney, Anna Rickard, Kennedy Lang, Colleen Ulrich and Faelyn Allee. In back are Michael Miller, Aaron Bacon, Ozzy Moore and Will Rickard. The boys’ average was 95.6 and the girls’ 94.2.

FIELD HOCKEY: In front are Jenna Gioeli, Jamie Bower, Lexie Lovewell, Sam Choate, Abby Ander, Holly Dimayo, Stephanie Flowers, Justine Laverty and Sophia DiCenso. In back are Miah Glena, Madison Brown, Jazmine Michel, Dani Kozma, Jayden Townsend, Ashley Hill, Ellery Brown, RayLynn Chraston, Jenna Heiser. Lovewell also earned a Top Western New York Scholar Athlete honor. The team had a composite average of 94.73.