Roy-Hart/Barker/Lyndonville merged eight man football team gets approved

By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 13 February 2020 at 10:36 am

The Roy-Hart, Barker and Lyndonville School Districts have officially announced they will field a merged eight man varsity football team for the upcoming season according to an Orleans/Niagara BOCES press release.

“Through collaboration, the three schools will be able to provide the opportunity for students to continue to play football,” said Lyndonville Superintendent Jason Smith. “We are optimistic about the merger and would like to thank each Board of Education for their support.”

Roy-Hart will serve as the host school, providing coaching and facilities. Athletes from Barker and Lyndonville will be bused to Roy-Hart for all practices and games. Joe Suhr, a teacher at Lyndonville, was appointed head coach of the varsity team.

With this merger the districts also plan a junior varsity/modified team for students in grades seven through nine. If overall participation increases, the schools would be willing to petition to become an 11 man varsity team.

This past season Roy-Hart fielded only a varsity football team while players from Barker and Lyndonville competed on a merged team with Medina.

However low participation numbers from Barker and Lyndonville led Medina to opt to return to playing alone. That situation set up the opportunity for Roy-Hart to work with Barker and Lyndonville to form a merged football program which became a reality this week with the approval by each of the three districts Board of Education.