Root’s son thanks father for important life lessons

Posted 24 June 2019 at 10:13 am


I should start by saying that I am Joseph Root, Dale and Helen Root’s son. Dale Root is running for town of Shelby highway supervisor. So yes, I have some bias in the topic, but I’m not here to talk about the highway superintendent election.

I’m here to simply say that I am proud of you, Dale Root, and also thank you and mother for being our parents. You two have raise three pretty respectable children. We have had some pretty amazing times and some downright tough times, but I challenge you to show me a family that has not.

Dale Root has owned two businesses longer than I have been alive. And I now know why and how you did what you had to. You would leave Sunday night with the semi-truck and return home Thursday morning maybe Friday, only to work countless hours on the farm while home.

You punished your body across million miles of roads and highways at night so you could work on the farm during the day light. With what time you had left for us kids, you taught us the value of a dollar, and hard work (my wife would probably argue too much time was spent on the hard working part). Also to never lie cheat or steal.

You showed us compassion when mother was digging out a sliver which seemed to be a mile deep in our hand, or when one of our animals would die. Responsibility was a later lesson with the phase ” feed before feeding” which meant you better feed the livestock before you yourself go home to eat. You would get us out of bed to go to work especially if we had been out late the night before (I believe you enjoyed that part).

With all that going on you still beat the odds that a small family apple farm would not make it in today world. Thank you for finding a way to keep it alive for your children and grandchildren. Many years having to harvest current year’s crop before being fully being paid for the past’s year crop.

To have the strength to look into your wife’s eyes some years and tell her that she couldn’t buy all the Christmas gifts that the children wanted because taxes had to be paid. For fitting an extra 20 hours into an already 70-hour week, only to look across the room at disappointment in a child’s eyes for you wouldn’t be able to make that games, dance recital, FFA meeting or 4H show.

I now know. Thank you Dale and Helen Root

Respectfully, your son,

Joseph Root