Root has been effective highway superintendent for Shelby

Posted 25 October 2023 at 4:12 pm


I’m writing in support of Dale Root for Shelby Highway Superintendent. I have worked for Dale for the past six years and have known him for many more than that.

As a past deputy Orleans County Highway Superintendent, I know a little bit about the qualities needed to be a good highway superintendent. Honesty, integrity and a willingness to learn, to name a few. Dale possesses those qualities and many more.

I have never known Dale to shy away from a task even if it requires him to do research to find the best way to accomplish the task at hand. He’s thorough and does his homework as needed. If Dale says he’s going to do something, he is going to get it done “come **** or high-water.”

He is compassionate and truly cares about the people and his community which is why you should vote “Root for Shelby” on Nov. 7.

Mike Cliff


Retired Deputy Highway Superintendent for Orleans County