Rockets fly at the Home Show

Posted 13 April 2014 at 12:00 am

Evan Maedl, 10, steps back to watch his rocket shoot off into the sky. The rockets took off so quickly that many were only found once they released their yellow streamer during their fall back to earth.

By Sue Cook, staff reporter

KNOWLESVILLE – Doug Pratt had a booth at the Orleans County Home & Garden Show this weekend to promote the hobby of rocketry and bring awareness to his company, Pratt Hobbies, Inc.

He allowed children to press the button for launch on Sunday afternoon.

The rockets are slid onto the upright metal post which guides them upon launch into an upward trajectory. The cord at the base is attached to the rocket base and ignition switch.

Pratt Hobbies will be at the Warbird Museum for the NYPOWER 18 event in Geneseo over Memorial Day weekend from May 24-26. Pratt said that during the NYPOWER model planes and rockets are given a chance to show off. Everyone from professionals to Boy Scout troops are given the chance to make their creations fly.

Damian Chadsey, 4, presses the button with his father’s help. His brother, Jason Farrington, 6, watches as the rocket takes to the air.

Pratt will also have a booth during the week of the 4-H fair with more opportunities for kids to build and launch their own rockets.

Owen Maedl, 4, presses the button for the launch of a small cardboard rocket.