Riley is a proven leader who can make a difference for Albion

Posted 11 March 2022 at 2:48 pm


For whatever reasons, Albion has fallen upon tough times recently, especially compared to Medina and even Holley.

I remember when Albion had three fine Italian restaurants, locally owned pizza parlors and delis,  several other full-service and small restaurants, and thriving local hardware, drugstores and clothing  businesses. We’ve had live music venues. 39 Problems Restaurant, with some excellent performers and unique food, had given us a respite, but also succumbed.

Joyce Riley has the energy, ideas, experience and contacts to help restore Albion.

Even though we are no longer residents of Albion, we’ve worshiped there for 57 years, worked all Margaret’s and most of Bob’s careers there, both been and continue to be active in numerous Albion-based organizations,  and we’re very invested in Albion’s future.

If you are a resident of Albion, for the sake of Albion, please vote for our very good friend Joyce Riley.

Bob and Margaret Golden