Ridgeway town supervisor says he has record of accomplishment leading the town

Posted 29 May 2019 at 3:57 pm


I would like to thank Ridgeway and Orleans County residents for their support over the past 14 years. The feedback, encouragement and even challenges on various issues facing our community continue to motivate me to serve as Ridgeway Town Supervisor.

I do face challenges for re-election this year, but I will not stop fighting to protect our local government so that it remains in the Ridgeway tradition of “by the people and for the people,” as long as I represent the citizens of Ridgeway.

For the convenience of the public, I have regularly-scheduled office hours at Ridgeway Town Hall in Medina (410 West Avenue): Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. To ensure the smooth operation of town business, I am also available to citizens, other officials, vendors and service providers weekdays during non-scheduled hours, weekends and holidays.

Ridgeway has often been referred to as the “most business-friendly town” in the county, a designation we should be proud of and must uphold. I will always encourage local business expansions and new business development here. During my 14 years as Town Supervisor, I initiated the county’s first rural broadband expansion project and assisted with the county’s first court consolidation. In 14 years, Ridgeway has never exceeded the tax cap and we have expanded water lines to 90 percent of town. We are currently working on Water District #14, with #15 to follow.

This year we celebrated the establishment of the first solar farm in Ridgeway. I believe in promoting economic growth, not restricting commerce, technology and emerging industries. It is equally important to reinforce our existing business community.

As supervisor, I have worked with the Orleans Economic Development Agency to further the expansion and development projects for Helena Chemical, Brunner International (2 expansions), Miller’s Store, Dollar General and Sierra Biological. I welcomed any opportunity to sponsor Office of Community Renewal (OCR) grants for Ridgeway businesses.

To date, Ridgeway has sponsored grants totaling over $1 million for equipment purchases tied to the local expansions of Sierra Biological, Brunner and Sigma International. It should be attractive for businesses to stay in town and also move here so we can diversify our tax base and reduce taxes more.

I will continue to preserve Ridgeway’s zoning laws that allow property owners to decide how their property is used. The town and our residents have always been my priority, not advancing myself at their expense or the business of other towns. The last thing I want to see is residential property rights infringed upon and your municipal tax dollars spent on specialized legal fees or costly litigation.

It is challenging for rural communities like ours across New York State. Depending on the year, we contend with more overregulation, unfunded mandates and new burdensome State and Federal laws – we have to constantly adjust. I am dedicated to continuing to do so no matter what the future holds.

I believe I have proven myself to be a reliable and accessible Town Supervisor with an even temperament, capable of navigating the ups and downs of the economy without creating unnecessary risk for the town, its budget or public departments.

This June 25th is the Republican Primary, and I am a registered Republican. As many of you know, there has been a breech with the Ridgeway Republican Committee over violations to multiple sections of New York Election Law and New York Civil Service Law §107 during the committee’s interview and nomination process on February 9th. Regardless of my political affiliation, I will readily go without the Republican endorsement this year if it means not being endorsed by individuals who illegitimately advanced themselves and others to manipulate our elections.

I am dedicated only to my wife, God and this county. As a public servant it is my duty to work in your best interests, not to serve my own.  My re-election site and record of service to Ridgeway can be found online: RidgewaySupervisor.com. Thank you for your support Tuesday, June 25th.


Brian P. Napoli

Ridgeway Town Supervisor