Ridgeway residents urged to consider running for an elected town position

Posted 17 January 2021 at 8:48 am


We, the members of the Town of Ridgeway Republican Committee, believe that social and political issues are as important at our local level as at the state or national levels. Day to day, the decisions of your Town Board, who are your friends and neighbors, impact all of us more than national politics.

Both young and old in our community have knowledge to share about what should happen in our own backyard. Your fresh ideas and insights can affect change for the better. The process to get involved is simple, and your local Board of Elections or Political Committee can help.

2021 positions up for election in Ridgeway include: two Town Board seats, Town Clerk, and Highway Superintendent. Because the current Town Clerk chooses not to seek re-election, nominations are particularly needed for that position. Although incumbents often run unopposed, your candidacy is welcome as part of our democratic system.

Local Democrat and Republican Party committees conduct interviews and endorse candidates based on how their views align with the party’s. While candidates secure a place on the ballot through party endorsement, anyone can run as an independent if you feel your views don’t align with a party.

The Town Board meets two evenings a month – first an organizational meeting, and then a board meeting. Both are public forums.  Board members are charged with determining the town’s direction. Current issues include the introduction of solar panels in the town, managing the town budget amid the pandemic, and ensuring local Fire Departments have the resources to provide necessary services.

Our Town Board website affirms that we are a small town with heart, a township that has much to offer, and just a friendly, hometown community. As the Town of Ridgeway Republican Committee, we encourage you to step up and be a part of your town’s future.


The Town of Ridgeway Republican Committee

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