Ridgeway resident urges support for Tara Albone-White for town clerk

Posted 6 November 2017 at 9:34 pm


Reasons to endorse Tara Albone-White for Ridgeway Town Clerk include:

1. Tara will: Engage herself completely in the office duties and strive to make the operations within; professional, courteous, timely and upbeat.

She will not: Present herself as unprofessional, egotistical, or all knowing.

2. Tara will: Strive to bring the office into the “now” with upgraded computer systems and technological equipment to maintain records and billing.

She will not: Operate in the status-quo of current practices within.

3. Tara will: Open communications with the new generations of residents that are our future and create a more user friendly atmosphere.

She will not: Continue to only use current methods of informing the town of schedules, events and notifications. Modern social media methods will be implemented to reach out to the tech savvy generation.

4. Tara will: Commit herself fully for a career as Ridgeway Town Clerk and public servant with dignity, poise and respect.

She will not: Use this position as a patsy for personal gain.

5. Tara will: Commit herself to accuracy and timeliness for the town highway crew records, timecards and pay.

She will not: Make repeated mistakes and look to lay blame on others, or gripe about the overtime that’s duly earned during the bitter winter months.

6. Tara will: Listen to the people, and her office counterparts, and work with any difficulties that arise with passion and perseverance for a speedy resolve and better outcome for the people, and staff of Ridgeway.

She will not: Grumble and complain about issues that arise, and thus, create a toxic, nonproductive office environment.

7. Tara will: Strive to bring more user friendly office operating hours to the town, knowing full well that we are an “around the clock” workforce of residents.

She will not: Look for any excuse to stay home, leave early, or complain if a late stay is necessary.

Lastly… Tara is focused on the Town of Ridgeway PEOPLE. She’s not as concerned with party lines or endorsements as the bottom line… the position and job itself. Tara is committed to the highest level of ethics and professionalism to include how she will treat the community and the office staff.

Tara’s education, clerical skills, personality, poise and attitude are exactly the traits and qualifications the town of Ridgeway community needs to run the office for us all.

Why aren’t Town of Ridgeway personnel supporting or endorsing the opponent to this position? Let that sink in for a minute.

Look on the lower line of the ballot to find the spot to vote for Tara Albone-White.

Mark Traxler