Ridgeway resident supports Tara White for Town Clerk

Posted 30 October 2017 at 7:41 am


As a citizen of the Town of Ridgeway, I am interested in the issues of the local campaign for Ridgeway Town Clerk. Rather than listening to hearsay of the past many weeks about some serious concerns brought to my attention, I went to the proper officials and departments, both local and county, for answers.

I am concerned about the questions relating to the costs of training a newly elected Town Clerk, as opposed to a person temporarily acting as such. I learned from town officials that regardless of who wins the election, the training and costs will be the same. The training for this position is ongoing every year and is a consistent line in the budget. It will not be a financial burden to the Town.

After a close primary election between the candidates, I am pleased and relieved that we still have a choice in November. It was brought to my attention by several fellow citizens that the practice of handing out political advertisements during working hours at the Town Hall has been a practice of late.

Town officials were not aware of such a practice, but a representative of the Board of Elections was notified by concerned citizens. When Town officials were notified by the Board of Elections, it was stopped. By that time, damage had been done to an opposing campaign. This practice is unethical, illegal, speaks to character, and should not be tolerated.

There is a better option for the people. Yes, experience counts, but not always most important, integrity is priceless. Being in a particular position for six years does not mean you are the best for that position or the next, there is much more to it.

I am proud to say that I am supporting Tara L. White for Ridgeway Town Clerk. Tara is a candidate with formal education and professional experience that will surely contribute to her ability to do what is right and fair for her constituents, implementing new ideas and services, and serving with honesty and integrity.

It is time to pass the torch and utilize the energy and talents of the next generation.

I ask you to please join me in voting for Tara L. White for Ridgeway Town Clerk, a candidate for all of the people.

Patricia (Patty) Woodworth