Ridgeway GOP committeeman says group followed procedures in backing Dave Stalker

Posted 3 June 2019 at 10:54 am


This is in response to Brian Napoli’s letter posted on May 29, “Ridgeway’s Town Supervisor says he has a record of accomplishment leading the Town.” I am a former Orleans County Deputy Sheriff, former Town of Ridgeway councilman, and a current Ridgeway Republican Party committeeman, who needs to correct Mr. Napoli’s inaccurate statements.

In my many years of serving on the Ridgeway Republican Party Committee there has never been to the best of my knowledge a breach of New York Election Law or New York Civil Law. The committee’s interview and nomination process was the same on Feb. 9 as any other time and was fair and voted on by the majority of our committee the same as past years when Supervisor Napoli asked for our endorsement.

The candidates we chose to endorse for the Town of Ridgeway are legitimate and the committeemen have never, “illegitimately advanced themselves and others to manipulate our elections,” as was stated by Mr. Napoli.

The committee decided to endorse Mr. Dave Stalker, current Town Board councilman. This was a majority vote, not a select few. Perhaps it is time for a change of town supervisor in the Town of Ridgeway and maybe there should be term limits on this position. God Bless American Democracy!


Dave Wells

Ridgeway Republican committeeman