Ridgeway GOP Committee should promote primary winners

Posted 27 October 2019 at 9:13 pm


As we near the upcoming election I am personally looking forward to seeing the Ridgeway Republican committee ads for the winners of the primary races.

I am hoping they will run as often, and as numerous as the ads of the committee’s endorsed primary candidates. I also expect next time there is an opening for any local position it is advertised (according to election law) in case there are others who are interested in the position, with sufficient notice.

From the outside looking in, I still find it disturbing it appears the position of Highway Superintendent, Councilperson, and Supervisor seemed to be hand-picked by the committee. It appears the Orleans County Republican Committee hoped this would all go away or be forgotten after the primary election.

These acts were asked to be investigated, and they were not. I would thoroughly enjoy hearing the explanation for what transpired under their watch, and how it will be prevented in the future.

Please do not play us as fools. We do remember. We are the people who to sign your petitions, and push in lawn signs for every election.

Andrew Bale

20-year Ridgeway resident


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