Ridgeway elected officials take the oath of office

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 January 2022 at 7:43 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers

RIDGEWAY – Hannah Hill takes the oath of office as Ridgeway town clerk this afternoon. Her husband Jeremy is standing next to her and Orleans County Clerk Nadine Hanlon administers the oath. Town Councilwoman Mary Woodruff is in back.

Hill was elected to the position in November. Karen Kaiser didn’t seek re-election.

Hill about six years ago was the second deputy town clerk under Barbara Klatt, and the water and code enforcement clerks. She then stayed at home to be with her young children.

John Olinger takes the oath as the Ridgeway highway superintendent. Town Supervisor Brian Napoli, left, and Councilman Jeff Toussaint observe in back.

Olinger was elected to a full four-year term in November. He was appointed highway superintendent on March 23, 2019, following the retirement of Mark Goheen. Olinger was first elected to a two-year term in November 2019. He has worked in the Highway Department since 2012, starting as a motor equipment operator.

Cliff Barber, left, and Jeff Toussaint take the oath as members of the Town Board. Barber is starting his first term on the board while Toussaint has been a town councilman for 25 years.

The Town Board also approved the following appointments during today’s organizational meeting:

  • Official depositories: Bank of Castile, Key Bank
  • Official newspaper: Daily News in Batavia
  • Budget officer and fair housing officer: Town Supervisor Brian Napoli
  • Law officer: Kathy Bogan for general legal work and for water districts 5 through 15; Webster, Schubel & Meier for water districts 3 & 4
  • Fire and building code officer: Jason Raduns
  • Dog control officer, registrar of vital statistics, planning/zoning board clerk: Town Clerk Hannah Hill
  • Zoning enforcement clerk, planning/zoning board clerk, and water billing clerk: Joelle Brown
  • Zoning Board of Appeals chairman: Larry Meyer; vice chairman: Raymond Wendling
  • Planning Board chairman: Thomas Fenton; vice chairman: Tim Elliot
  • Planning Board member: Thomas Kline
  • Assessor assistant: Julie Cecchini
  • Deputy of vital statistics, fixed asset officer: Laurie Kilburn
  • Historian: Catherine Cooper
  • Janitor/cleaner: White Glove Cleaning Services
  • Water superintendent and sewer superintendent: John Olinger
  • County Planning Board member: Thomas Fentor; alternate: Tim Elliot
  • Constables: Claude Grimes and James Wells
  • Glenwood Lake Commission: Gary Blackburn, James Watson and Barry Jones

Other appointments include:

  • Deputy Town Supervisor: Jeff Toussaint
  • Town Supervisor’s Bookkeeper: Millenium Roads
  • Deputy Town Clerk: Laurie Kilburn; Deputy Town Clerk (second): Joelle Brown
  • Highway clerk, part-time: Joelle Brown
  • Court Clerk: Stacey Silker