Ridgeway councilman says he is advocate for taxpayers

Posted 19 June 2021 at 9:04 am


My name is David Stalker. I currently have been serving on the Ridgeway Town Board as Ridgeway Councilman for seven-plus years. I have been endorsed through the Republican Party several times in the past presently gaining the Conservative Party endorsement running for re-election for the position Ridgeway Councilman.

During this time serving on Ridgeway Town Board, I have been involved in mediation resolution of many issues brought to the board’s attention.

During my first years serving there was talk of the Village of Medina dissolution. I was the first to speak out against this. I realize the enhance services within the village come at a cost, however not to the entire Town of Ridgeway.

I have been involved in more than one contract negotiations with the Ridgeway Fire Department that resulted in cost savings well worth the money taxpayers pay. There also have been solar projects with more in the works. The first solar project had an exceedingly small portion of distribution of funds going the Town of Ridgeway with larger amount of funds going to the School and County. I advocated for more money for the town as most of the work was performed by the town. Now the present and future solar projects are divided equally between the Town, County and School, creating more money for the Town.

I also was involved in the contract for the Town Highway Employees when it was brought to attention that Health Insurance came at no cost for Town Highway Employees. It was negotiated that all new hires would pay a portion towards those benefits. This then carried throughout to cover all newly hired Town Employees saving taxpayer money.

During the waterline project, I discussed how the engineering design created an uncompleted district. This project has since been completed by Town Employees with no engineering expense to the Town due to not being completed a few years ago as planned.

I served as a member of the Western Region Comprehensive Plan, which included representatives from the Towns of Ridgeway, Shelby, Yates and Villages of Medina and Lyndonville. We met for a little over two years with members from each municipality in the planning of protecting land use in all areas of the western region of the county.

As the Covid-19 pandemic arose, the Town had not anticipated this added expense to the budget as protocol required proper signage to be posted for the safety of employees and the community. This was going to come at a costly expense to the Town. I reached out to the local area Print Shop and all signage needed for the Town Buildings to ensure Covid -19 protocol safety was provided for free.

I have consistently looked at ways to save the Town of Ridgeway and the taxpayers money. As a local business owner, I understand the need to watch expenses and budgeting. As a former New York State Corrections Supervisor, I understand responsibility and dedication. As a former Union Leader, I understand employee rights.

I have long advocated to address the aging infrastructure at Town Hall. I say this in the involvement of upkeep to a more cost effective, efficient energy saving system. The town upgraded from oil heat with a buried oil tank to a more cost saving energy efficient natural gas system as the old system was 10-15 years old.

I have also advocated for Town-wide broadband and water. I agreed with refinancing several water districts to a lower rate of interest, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. I was also in agreement of delaying Town-wide property assessments for another year.

I have always been your voice for the people. Thank you.


David M. Stalker