Ridgeway committee candidate says she would make group more transparent

Posted 11 June 2020 at 3:06 pm


My name is Ayesha Kreutz. I moved to Ridgeway about a year and a half ago from Rochester.

As a Chaplain working with the Rochester City Police and other first responders, and, as the founder and once president of the devoted Christian, proud American, active republican Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY, I’ve done a lot in Republican politics over the years.

However, upon getting to Ridgeway, I discovered that my desire to help the local Republican Committee was not only not wanted, but also ignored. My repeated calls to the chairman of the committee went eerily ignored. At first, I thought it was because they were busy with life, as can happen, or elections etc. Then I thought maybe it was because I am an “outsider.” But then I discovered I was not the only one and that this was the response to anyone who was interested in getting involved in local politics.

The Ridgeway Committee had become an uninviting hermetic committee of a select few who prize their unwillingness to be transparent so much so that most people have no idea that they even hold meetings, let alone when. To harden the curmudgeonly impenetrable shell around the committee, the meeting announcements were made at the last minute and only to those who are “supposed” to be there.

In a representative government, aren’t we all allowed to be there when our representatives are making decisions that affect our lives? Since I’m not “supposed” to be there, I hope that you will vote for me as you committee representative to a new and transparent committee that isn’t afraid of the people it’s “supposed” to represent. Help me make the Ridgeway Republican Committee Great Again.

Thank You,

Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz