Return of lost wedding ring for Holley man called a ‘miracle’

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 March 2022 at 9:55 pm

Grocery store worker finds gold wedding band

Photos courtesy of Kelly Ryan: Don Ryan is happy to have his wedding ring back.

HOLLEY – Don Ryan is happy after getting his wedding ring back today after it had been missing for nearly a month.

Ryan, 88, of Holley had the ring come off when he was shopping at the Aldi’s store in Brockport. But he didn’t realize it until later that day on Feb. 12. He had been to the doctor’s office, too, and wasn’t sure where it might have come off. Ryan had lost weight so the ring must have slipped off.

He recently lost his wife of 66 years, Darl, on Nov. 5. He and his family searched his house, his vehicle and even used a metal detector in the yard to try to find the ring.

His daughter Kelly reached out to Aldi store manager Amy DeFelice of Holley about the ring. The store employees didn’t see it soon after Ryan called, but they kept looking.

On Saturday night at about 10 employee Mike Pearson spotted it on the floor near the an area with flowers. He was cleaning and remembered DeFelice telling the employees to be on the lookout for a ring.

Kelly was thrilled to get a call last night that the ring had been found.

“It’s a blessing,” she said. “It’s a miracle.”

Her father is very appreciative that Aldi’s kept up the search, especially after nearly a month had passed.

“It’s awesome that there are people out there who still care for other people,” Kelly said.

Her parents were married for 66 years. Mrs. Ryan owned a ceramic studio for many years in Holley. Mr. Ryan is a Kodak retiree and long-time volunteer Holley firefighter.