Retiring corrections officer at county jail honored for 36 years on the job

Provided photos: Orleans County Jail Sgt. Kevin Kaderli, center, is recognized for a 36-year career by Jail Superintendent Scott Wilson, left, and Sheriff Chris Bourke.

Staff Reports Posted 23 December 2021 at 11:02 am

ALBION – Orleans County Jail Sgt. Kevin Kaderli retired from the Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 9 after 36 years, working his entire career on the overnight midnight shift.

Local Union 2966 held a ceremony at the Orleans County Jail events room for Kaderli on Dec. 9.  Many current and retired employees attended the event to recognize Kaderli. He was presented a plaque from Sheriff Chris Bourke and Jail Superintendent Scott Wilson.

Local 2966 provided him a 36-year veteran plaque also and $360 check for $10 for every year he was a member of the union. Kaderli added a second plaque to the 25-year Hall of Fame Wall at the jail honoring all employees with over 25 years of service to Orleans County.  He joins nine others that have reached that milestone in their career.

Kevin Kaderli adds his plaque to the 25-year wall. He joins nine others who reached that milestone.

Kaderli, a Navy veteran, said he will find plenty to do in his retirement by golfing more and tending to yard work on his many acres of land. He is an avid sports fan who follows the LA Lakers, Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Bisons, New York Yankees, Rochester Americans and the Penn State Nittany Lions. He will spend more time with his significant other Laura and her children and grandchild.

Lt. Michael Christopher said it is difficult to work that many years in a jail setting.

“Thirty-six years of dealing with people that society does not want on the streets packed into one small building, 24/7,” Christopher said.

Kaderli worked under six different sheriffs as his boss, starting with Dave Green. More than two dozen Sheriff’s Office employees from the jail and road division were not even born yet when Kaderli  started.

Kaderli has been through the times when the jail had over 100 inmates, with many sleeping on the floor or in little boats due to overcrowding.  Then with the new bail reform and Covid-19, the jail population was down to as few as 13 inmates. Most inmates had a whole jail block to themselves.

When Kaderli started, Orleans County housed some of Nassau County inmates due to that county’s overcrowding.  Then he experienced a bigger percentage of the jail population be immigration and federal inmates. Federal inmates’ housing was discontinued for many years until 2021 to which 40% of the jail population in now US. Marshal detainees.

Kaderli also worked at the jail when the Sheriff’s Office was located across the street at Cuneen Hall on Platt Street. It moved to the Public Safety Building in the late 1990s. The 911 dispatch center also was moved twice inside the jail to its current location at the Public Safety Building.

Three other jail employees also were recently recognized for 25 years of service: Kim Zambito, Dave Allen and Teddy Howard.