Retired teacher seeks support for spot on Albion Board of Education

Posted 14 May 2017 at 8:44 am


My name is Wayne Wadhams and I am seeking a position on the Albion Board of Education. If you know me, you pretty much know my story. If not, here is a quick summary:

I have lived in the Albion community my entire life. I graduated from our high school and have been a teacher in the district for over 30 years, retiring this past January. I have been one of the “shop” teachers and I have coached in the district, (football, basketball and track – every season) for those 30+ years. If you drove past the school, late at night or on the weekend, it was common to see my vehicle there. I have invested countless hours and tons of blood, sweat, and tears in our schools.

Academics are paramount for me, as well. My wife, Kelly, is a veteran teacher in the Albion Elementary School. My two children were solid students, both having earned master’s degrees and my daughter is pursuing a teaching career. I have been a vocal, hardworking advocate for our district in many areas, both academic and extra-curricular. Those areas that I have not worked in directly, I have supported and rooted for.

At the end of each week, the Albion High School principal, Matt Peterson, puts out his “Friday’s Notes” highlighting things that have occurred, recently, at the high school. I am sharing, with pride, a line from the Friday Notes he sent out on my final Friday before retirement.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Wayne Wadhams in this version of Friday Notes. Wayne, thank you. We will miss your sense of humor and we will miss your conversation. A huge part of Albion’s lore leaves with you as you walk out those doors today and all of us realize that (that’s why many people are having a hard time fighting back tears as they see you today). I have only known you for my short three years here, but I’ve learned that you went above and beyond curriculum as you taught our students; you always tried to impart wisdom about life-lessons which is an important and subtle part of the job for all teachers… Because of their interaction with you Wayne, our students learned about tough-love, respect, pride in their work, effort, and working towards a goal. I’m truly glad I got to know you and I look forward to seeing you around at sporting events in the future.”

I am obviously flattered by those comments, and extremely proud to be associated with phrases such as tough-love, respect, effort and working towards a goal. I would bring those qualities with me to our school board.

I admit I have no experience on any governing boards, but I am knowledgeable about our district and our schools. In Albion, we do many GREAT things, things I am extremely proud of. However, like any school or organization, we have a few areas that need to be addressed and improved upon. I am willing to engage in tough conversations and contribute to the discussion of those areas. I also believe that is a positive quality that I would bring to our school board, as well.

If you feel that I would make a good member of the ACS Board of Education, I respectfully ask that you give me your vote on Tuesday, May 16. The election will be held from noon until 8 p.m. (enter the board room from the community entrance at the back of the Elementary School). You can also support the district’s budget and the Hoag library.

Thank you for your time,

Wayne Wadhams