Retired Buffalo Bill says Howard has shown leadership and smarts through county’s Traffic Diversion Program

Posted 19 June 2024 at 2:42 pm


I am writing this letter on behalf of the candidacy of Susan Howard for Orleans County District Attorney.

As President of the New York Diversion Management Company, I have worked with Susan in her administration of the Traffic Diversion Program. Through her watchful eye, this program has kept over $2,000,000 of revenue in Orleans County since 2010.

In my near daily dealings with her she has demonstrated ongoing leadership, organization and professionalism. Her innovative approach to this program has resulted in it now being used widely by counties throughout New York State and other parts of the country.

I have been impressed with her ability to design this program in a manner that has resulted in the prosecutors in the Orleans County District Attorney’s Office having more time to focus on more serious criminal matters while still having an effective means of dealing with traffic cases and improving drivers’ safety.  While many counties experienced court back-ups on traffic cases during the Covid epidemic Orleans County did not.

During our negotiations and installation of this program Susan demonstrated excellent judgment and a keen sense of business.  I have been impressed with her mental toughness, work ethic and her ability to get things done. She is responsive and focused. I know from dealing with other offices throughout New York State that she enjoys an excellent reputation with her colleagues.

As a retired professional athlete, I know about dedication, discipline and commitment.  Susan has all these qualities. Having dealt with Orleans County for the past several years I have seen the warm and close working relationship she has with others in that office and law enforcement.

Orleans County will be well-served to have Susan Howard as your next District Attorney.

Louis J. Piccone

Retired Buffalo Bill