Responses to drag show event have caused needless division in community

Posted 18 September 2023 at 7:40 am


Well bust my buttons, the “Drag Me to Brunch” show has caused quite a bit of attention in Albion NY.

I knew without a doubt that the throw the Catholics under the bus scenario would emerge, the left, right, and center folks would all speak out, family values or lack thereof would be called into question.

For those of us few individuals that still believe in a higher power (I’m not talking Donald Trump or George Soros) the tearing down of our community speaks volumes of where we are as people in this country.

The freedom of speech and freedom to assembly are the right of everyone in this country; with it is the right of the Clergy in our community to speak their mind and express their concerns. It is the right of The Lockstone to take money for the assembly of this performance; they’re probably suffering from the canal bridge closure.

We all live with our decisions and hopefully the consequences of those decisions. Stop agonizing over this, whether you are for it or against it, it’s your choice or not whether you go to the event.

Yes, Jesus Christ loved the sinner, adulteress, lepers, winos, pedophiles, and murders; however, he did not love the sin. Also remember in this community the religious establishments contribute a great deal to the feeding, clothing, and offering shelter to those in desperate need, regardless of faith or lack thereof.


Jane Murray