Response to letter criticizing President Trump lacked facts

Posted 25 March 2020 at 9:06 am


Bob Harker attacked me in a letter so let me respond. First I didn’t blame the President “for all that is wrong in this country.” I blamed the President for his slow and lackadaisical response to the crisis.

Unlike his predecessors, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Mr. Trump when warned of a coming pandemic did nothing. Furthermore, I cited my sources and date of publication as the NYT and Time Magazine. Mr. Harker could check on my sources. Mr. Harker writes that both the NYT and Time magazine “are known for baseless assaults on our president,” yet he provides no evidence or documentation for this statement.

Mr. Harker writes that I failed to mention that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were also aware of the coming pandemic. I failed to mention that because I have no evidence that they were made aware. What source or documentation does Mr. Harker have for this statement? And, second neither Mr. Schumer nor Ms. Pelosi control the levers of government that the president has. Mr. Harker confuses a House bill that was not seriously being voted on with the Senate bill that was being voted on. Senate Democrats held up the bill because it would have allowed the Treasury Secretary to dole out billions of dollars in secret without oversight.

Finally, Mr. Harker writes that I will try to dispute his “facts” when he provided no facts, evidence or documentation just opinion. Mr. Harker intentionally misstated what I said, made statements without evidence and used unrelated information to attack my letter.

William Fine