Residents urged to thank veterans for their service

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 11 November 2013 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers – The Honor Guard does a gun salute during a Veterans day service today in Albion.

County Legislator Lynne Johnson spoke at the service, saying Veterans Day gives Americans a chance to express their appreciation to veterans.

ALBION –  Today on Veterans Day, Orleans County residents, especially the younger generations, were urged to learn more about the sacrifices made by American soldiers.

Speakers at a Veterans Day ceremony said Americans have been defending the country for more than two centuries, pressing on despite starvation in the Revolutionary War to patrolling a current battlefield in the mountains of Afghanistan.

State Assemblyman Steve Hawley said Americans owe a debt of gratitude to veterans, past and present.

“Our country’s freedom and way of life is guaranteed by the sacrifices of those who pledged to defend our Constitution, with the price of their lives if necessary,” Hawley said.

On Memorial Day, Americans honor service members who lost their lives in war. On Veterans Day, Hawley said, the country remembers the sacrifices of veterans who returned from conflict, “but still carry the wounds of battle, both internal and external.”

County Legislator Don Allport urged veterans to share their stories so others can better appreciate their sacrifices.

County Legislators Don Allport and Lynne Johnson both spoke at the service outside the Veterans Service Agency on Route 31. They praised veterans for heeding a call to protect the country, regardless of the location on the globe or the danger at hand.

“This is a day we can remember and honor the veterans,” Johnson said.

She said some families have borne a high cost of that service as many Americans have been killed in the line of duty.

Allport urged veterans in the county to tell their stories so Americans can appreciate the sacrifices for their rights to bear arms, worship in religion, speak out and other freedoms.

“Let young people know what you went through for America,” Allport said.

He told the crowd he worries about the United States.

“Our country is headed down a dark and evil path,” he said.

Veterans, including Emerson “Tinker” Young in front, attend a Veterans Day service in Albion outside the Veterans Service Agency.

Paul Fulcomer, the Veterans Service Agency director, works with veterans on a daily basis, helping them to access benefits they have earned.

“I’m very fortunate every day in my job I get to say thank you to the veterans,” Fulcomer said. “I encourage you all to thank a veteran today.”

Tim Lindsay, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Albion, has three sons who enlisted in the Marines. One son Michael remains in active duty and completed a deployment to Afghanistan.

Lindsay led the service today in opening and closing prayers, asking God to bless the United States.

Adam Tabelski, communications director for state Sen. George Maziarz, also spoke at the service. Tabelski also completed an overseas deployment as a soldier.

He welcomed peace for the world, and urged Americans to help veterans when they return from war to adjust to the next chapter in their lives.