Residents should turn apathy into action by attending local government meetings, holding officials accountable

Posted 13 April 2024 at 3:34 pm


Orleans County residents, your complacency has and will affect your wallets and mine.

I have been to County Legislature meetings and, God as my witness, said I am over-taxed. I put on record that I don’t agree with the purposed District Court, which I believe will raise taxes eventually.

I have been to my Town Board meetings and my town workshop meetings and expressed my desire for law & order and Conservative spending. I at least read my Village of Lyndonville meeting minutes and Orleans County minutes. Where are my neighbors?

Where are those that tell me they feel the same as me? In November 2023 was a chance to make a change in the Legislature and none was made, no change of the Town of Yates Board neither. Voter turnout  was low.

March 19, 2024 there were village elections and voter turn-out was again low and no change. You must judge your employees better. If they do things that you disagree with, vote them out of office.

It bothers me that I read and hear, “Well that does it. I moving out here.” I was raised that to the coward there is no glory or remembrance. Let us band together and demand lower taxes.

Let us make term limits if not by law then by the ballot box.

I am working on something that I will hold secret for now. Know this, fraud spoils everything. The truth always comes out. You can always tell a man or a woman’s character by their actions. Words are meaningless.

Join me at county meetings. Join me at town meetings. Join me at the polling station. Check every box for a candidate, if you don’t like one of them write in someone who shares your thoughts. Let your voice be heard.

June 25 is Primary voting. Don’t like the candidates, talk to other voters and pick someone who shares your values. Don’t keep voting for the same people, that is insanity. Obviously, they don’t care.

November 5 is the day for federal elections. Setting a time and date for grievances then not giving you a chance for grievances is unconstitutional. Public servants work for you.

First Amendment is the right to petition and state your grievances and demand redress of those grievances. We can also demand a grand jury to investigate suspected misconduct by public servants.

Join me, let us work together to fix our local governments and make Orleans County, NY great for families and businesses.

Steve Colòn