Residents should have chance to comment on redesigned Heritage Wind project

Posted 4 June 2022 at 11:50 am


Heritage Wind was issued an amended permit for their industrial wind project in the town of Barre, NY. Now they want to make major changes to that permit which include turbines with bigger rotor size.

They also want to move several of the turbines and add four new ones. They have also asked for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Pursuant to Public Service Law Section 68 and for an Order Granting Lightened Regulation.

In western NY there is no need for more green energy as we are supplied with hydro-electric power from Niagara Falls which does not run at 100% capacity. Why trade a reliable energy source for an intermittent one?

Why should they be granted lightened regulation? They knew the rules before they started. Why should the health and welfare of Barre residents be minimized?

I hope that there is a public hearing so that residents can be informed and have an opportunity to voice their concerns to this redesigned project.

Tom Chandler