Residents easily duped by celebrity politicians with deep pockets, empty promises

Posted 10 January 2021 at 8:40 am


I cannot add much to Mr. Ballard’s eloquent and instructive response to the events of January, 6, 2021 except to say that as an American and a resident of Orleans County I am ashamed.

I have lived here my entire life and know enough to know that many of my neighbors consider themselves good, Christian folks. Yet, on houses throughout the county, houses belonging to these same self-styled Christian folk, there is hoisted the flag of a man. A vile, repugnant man who is antithetical to Christ’s message but held in higher regard. Our modern worship of power, punishment and celebrity is laid bare.

In many ways, it is understandable. Not much has been happening in Orleans County for a long time. Without expanding job opportunities, strong social organizations and the general belief that one can better one’s circumstance we are left feeling empty, powerless and hurt. When the physical body is hurt, it opens to infection. It follows then that our battered and beleaguered minds have succumb to the virus that is Donald Trump; that is Chris Collins; that is Chris Jacobs.

Each one of these men represents a great feat of cognitive dissonance: unfathomably rich persons who were overwhelmingly elected by one of the poorest constituencies in New York (#57 out of 62 in per capita income).

Now, I don’t know how many of you know or are friendly with a millionaire, much less a billionaire. But here’s something that’ll hold water: they don’t know about you, they don’t care about you and they can’t possibly understand what you’re going through. They’re in it for them. Period. The old saying goes, “you don’t get rich by giving away money.”  The natural extension of that euphemism is, “you get rich by separating fools from theirs.”

And here we are today, days after our Congress was attacked by domestic terrorists sporting every item from Donald Trump’s merchandise store (“…fools from theirs”). A few days after our Congressman Chris Jacobs voted with the Sedition Caucus in an effort to deny the legitimate votes of millions of Americans, our neighbors. What do we have to show for any of it? Shame is all any of us should rightfully have today.

If there is any hope for us to truly know a great America, we need to shut off cable news, delete all of our social media (especially Facebook), and take down those silly flags while opening up our minds and our hearts. And, as Peter the Apostle wrote (1 Peter 3:8), “all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

Robert Shaw