Residents braved rain to send message for Apex to go home

Posted 6 September 2016 at 2:09 pm

Posted 6 September 2016


A huge crowd of local residents, which some estimated to be 500 strong, gathered in the rain at Golden Hill State Park Boat Launch Facility in the Town of Somerset on Aug. 25 to voice their opposition to the Apex “Clean Energy” Project Lighthouse Wind.

This gathering was planned and promoted by the locally organized and funded grass roots organization, Save Ontario Shores (SOS).

Lighthouse Wind is a proposed Industrial Wind Turbine Complex comprised of approximately 71 monstrous wind turbines (650 feet high) to be strung along 12 miles of Lake Ontario shoreline in the townships of Somerset and Yates. These will be the largest industrial wind turbines to be sited on land.

Local leaders updated the group on their efforts to scuttle this project. The size and enthusiasm of this gathering demonstrated what is already known, and that is, Lighthouse Wind is not welcome in our community. Three prior independently conducted surveys have previously shown this to be the case. Numerous signs were displayed saying APEX GO HOME!

The Apex “Clean Energy” public relations machine has placed a spin on the public rejection of this project by alleging that we “fear the unknown” and the project “is in the best interests of the community.” These are blatantly false statements, as those of us who oppose this project have done our homework and are deeply concerned by what we do know.

As examples:

We know individuals owning property, whose value has dropped as their community became the location of industrial wind turbines.

We know and have been in contact with individuals whose houses and property have been severely damaged due to the construction and operation of industrial wind turbines.

We know and have been in contact with individuals who are forced to draw their blinds during portions of the day to avoid the annoying flicker produced by the rotating blades of industrial wind turbines.

We know of situations where electromagnetic interference from the operation of industrial wind turbines was severe enough that cable was required to restore reliable local television service.

We know individual property owners who claim the industrial wind turbines make much incessant, intolerable noise and vibration.

We know of individuals who claim sickness and distress when industrial wind turbines operate.

We know and have been in contact with individuals whose animals are affected when industrial wind turbines operate. And the list continues!

As to proposed Project Lighthouse Wind being “in the best interests of the community,” the source is someone who does not live in our community, probably never will, and draws a paycheck from Apex.

Regardless, why should we, as a community support Lighthouse Wind and gamble our future and wellbeing as a community on this project? The answer is, we should not! We have done our homework!

Project Lighthouse Wind should proceed no farther and be canceled. APEX GO HOME!!

James C. Hoffman

Town of Somerset