Residential/agricultural zoned districts shouldn’t have industrial-size structures

Posted 5 November 2019 at 4:13 pm


Property rights does not mean “without regard to others and without regard to local laws.” One cannot build anything/anywhere they desire – it’s called zoning for a reason.

Residents that own in Residential/Agriculturally zoned areas do not want commercial or industrial structures/buildings/businesses to infringe on their rights.

Also, Sean Pogue is the one who made this election only about wind turbines for himself. However, for the candidates for Citizens for Change, it is far more than turbines. His last plea to the community was all about the turbines, why? Because, he will lose money if the three of them are not elected.

Fact: Sean is listed as a conflicted member on Heritage Wind’s page. That means he stands to benefit from the proposed project. Notice Apex put a letter in as well. Paul works for them so of course he’s going to try to persuade voters in Barre – it’s a product he is trying to sell.

Vote Citizens for Change: Gerald Solazzo for Barre Supervisor, Cindy Burnside for Town Councilwoman and Kerri Richardson for Town Councilwoman.

Cindy Burnside