Resident would love to see candidates put egos aside, with focus on improving community

Posted 26 October 2017 at 6:09 pm


Last April I submitted a request to change my party affiliation. For the last 39 years I registered as an Independence party member, but I almost always voted conservative or republican.

I opted to change my affiliation to the Republican Party so I could better participate in what is essentially a two-party system.

During this past primary in the Town of Murray, I was surprised to find out that I was still registered as an Independence Party member. I’m not sure if my paperwork was lost or if the republicans didn’t want me.

Either way, I was a little relieved. I was relieved because I spent most of the last primary season nauseated by the campaign practices of the Town of Murray Republican Party.

To be fair, I doubt that most of the Murray Republicans approved of the sophomoric tactics employed by the party’s choice for Supervisor. I know and trust some of the members of the Republican Committee and two of the elected officials. I bet they were just as appalled as I was to see new lows in campaign ethics.

I implore all Republican and Conservative candidates to remember that you are on the same team; that you have the same goals. Conduct your lives and campaigns with dignity and grace.

Embrace the opportunity to serve the public. Earn the trust of your neighbors. Unite in our common belief that a just, efficient government can exist. Stun us with your magnanimity.

Put your egos aside. Live by the same rules as the rest of us do. Improve our systems, our methods and our community. Be honest and forthright. Give credit where credit is due. Do what you say you’ll do.

We’ll be blown away.

Chad Fabry