Resident urges support for Tara Albone-White for Ridgeway town clerk

Posted 20 October 2017 at 10:18 am


I have been a member of the Medina-Ridgeway community my entire life. I have raised two children in this community and put them through the public school system. Additionally, I have worked, owned homes, paid taxes, and contributed on a daily basis to the economy of our town.

This letter serves as my endorsement of Tara Albone-White for the Town of Ridgeway Clerk. I have known Tara for 25 years from the time she was a small child. Tara has grown up in Medina and has strong lifetime attachments throughout the community, as well as a strong sense of what it means to live and raise a family here. Tara, as I know her, is an incredibly ethical, honest and hard-working woman who represents the next generation of our community.

Most importantly, Tara’s work with ARC, NYSDDSO and State Correctional Facility, combined with her associate’s degree in business, provide her with a deep sense of community as well as the education necessary to make and execute administrative decisions.

Given the qualifications and the education level of Tara there will be no incremental costs to bringing Tara up to speed in this position other than the required state/local training for any candidate elected town clerk.

The bottom line is that Tara is incredibly well trained and educated and able to step into this position with very limited training and a strong sense of equity in our community.

On a personal level, one of Tara’s strongest assets is her ability to be diplomatic and fairly represent the interest of all constituents.

I endorse Tara and strongly urge all the residents of Ridgeway vote for her.

Cheryl A. Tuttle