Resident urges fact checking claims by turbine opponents

Posted 19 July 2017 at 8:48 pm


Reading Mr. Riggi’s recent Letter to the Editor reminds me of the importance to verify what you hear and read. We all must dig deeper for information and fact check often!

This is highlighted by Mr. Riggi’s inaccurate statements regarding noise levels. He says tractors and lawnmowers have a decibel level of 45; this is false.  I came upon this conclusion by talking with local farmers and researching credible online sources. After this research, I found that the decibel range of tractors and lawn mowers is closer to 90 dBa. He is off by 200 percent!

I encourage you to conduct your own research and fact check. Wind energy is one of the safest energy generation forms today. In 2016, the wind generated avoided the equivalent emissions of 33.7 million cars. It’s creating cleaner air and that means less adverse health effects from air pollution, like asthma and respiratory issues.

Linda Fisk