Resident supports Yates officials who have waited to see all the facts with turbine project

Posted 1 January 2016 at 12:00 am


I think it is very interesting that only 45 percent of my fellow Yates residents returned the wind survey. I would think that those that feel strongly about this issue would be the ones most likely to return the survey. So from the 45 percent who returned the survey 65 percent oppose wind energy in the area and 30 percent support it (another 5 percent have no opinion).

So what happened to the other 55 percent that didn’t return the survey? Is it because they don’t care either way? Or maybe they feel nervous to form an opinion?

From my perspective, SOS is presenting a lot of confusing and fear-based information. I think this 55 percent is torn by what to think and whether or not they want to get involved with this “fight.”

SOS is making it very difficult for anyone to have an opinion other than anti-wind. SOS’s agenda is very strategic and is intimidating people from forming their own opinions. They have even gone so far as to sue a fellow resident and the Town Board over a test tower that was erected to collect information that will help to answer some of the “concerns” they say they have.

The anti-wind campaign SOS is parading around town is exactly why Article 10 is in place. I am so happy that rational people will be making the decision on whether or not to have a wind farm here.

This topic has become so controversial locally and our county and state officials have taken a stand without even waiting for the results of all of the studies that are being done and those still to be done.

How can they say that they have the ability to make rational decisions about the wind farm when they don’t have all the facts?

Susan Campbell