Resident sees similarities in a tyrant from the 1930s-40s with current president

Posted 8 October 2020 at 9:40 am


An article in the World Book Encyclopedia which was contributed to by William A. Jenks, a professor of history at Washington and Lee University, reads “Adolph Hitler was one of the most evil men in world history. He spread death as no man had ever done before and ordered anyone who opposed him to be executed or thrown into prison.”

Jenks goes on to say that Hitler hated Christianity which he said was a religion for weaklings. Many believed he was their friend and protector. He had a sick mind – but it was the mind of a genius who had a clear vision of what he wanted and had the daring to pursue it and the talent to succeed.

He had no respect for experts in any field and repeatedly ignored the advice of his generals and followed his own judgment. People who knew him described him as odd, moody and easily angered. He thought that no form of government could last if it treated persons of different nationalities equally.

Hitler was a skillful schemer, politician and organizer. He became leader of the Nazi Party and built up membership quickly – partly by his ability to stir street crowds with his speeches. He attacked the government and declared that only the Nazi party could assure jobs and greatness for Germany.

He believed that democracy could only lead to Communism and a dictatorship was the only way to save the country from Communists. He had laws enacted which wiped out individual rights in Germany and allowed the Nazis to jail anyone without a trial, outlawed freedom of the press, all labor unions and all political parties except the Nazis.

He was given full law-making and financial powers and anyone who was suspected of opposing him was shot or jailed by the Gestapo.

Do any of those character traits remind you of anyone you might know who “leads” a country?   Think long and hard before you cast your ballot.

Joseph A. Gehl