Resident sees many positives with wind energy in Yates

Posted 15 November 2017 at 4:48 pm


Everyone who knows me knows I have always been someone who cares about the earth and how we leave it for our future generations.

The battle cry of the anti-turbine folks is, “No one would want the turbines unless they are getting money as a lease holder.”

I stood up at the Town Board meeting and said, “I support the turbines and I will not be getting any lease money. I support them because I love my grandchildren and want to ensure them a livable earth.”

On her way out of the meeting one of the women who usually speaks out against the turbines every meeting said to me, “If you really loved your grandchildren you wouldn’t be for the turbines.”

How dare she!

I want to know what anyone on the other side of this issue and our Town Board is doing for the future of this town or our earth for the benefit our children and grandchildren.

Almost every one of the people who stands up to speak against the turbines at OUR town meetings are not from OUR town!

The turbines will be good for our town. They will bring in money that can be used for tax relief or infrastructure improvements so that we can be capable of drawing new businesses here.

The same people speaking out against the turbines made the statement, “We don’t care how much taxes go up as long as we don’t have turbines.”

I don’t know about everyone else in Yates, but I know I do care how much taxes go up. Especially when there is nothing here in the first place. We need something here so our children and grandchildren won’t have to move away to make a living.

Investments into our schools will benefit all of our children.

When you add to that the positive impact Wind Power has in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, the reduction in air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels and the security issues caused by our dependence on foreign sources for that fossil fuel, the turbines are a win/win situation!

I am fighting for these wind turbines to come here because I love my earth, I love my town and, yes, I do love my children and grandchildren!

Susan Campbell