Resident sees cost uncertainty with Medina capital project

Posted 16 January 2023 at 3:56 pm


I would like to pose some thoughts before the meeting on Feb. 6 for district voters to ponder.

1. How can we guarantee that construction costs will be covered 18 months prior to construction given the dramatic fluctuations in cost and supply line disruption we have experienced recently?

2. Given that the country is racing to electric vehicles, should charging stations for buses be included now rather than later for additional cost?

3. While ADA restrooms are being included there is no provision for LGBTQ+ restrooms.

4. Are we adding additional classroom space or repositioning it to accommodate the STEAM and Technology Computer lab rooms?

5. Are District leaders giving full consideration to changing trends for heating and air conditioning as well as energy efficiency that are facing society? Will changes be sufficient for new laws that might come sooner rather than later. Also will cafeteria kitchens be upgraded to remove gas appliances and change to electric?

6. Is there sufficient cash reserve to cover unexpected costs and changes that are sure to be encountered in any building program.

7. Are any considerations being given to solar panels to help with costs for electric?

I realize that improvements are needed and that security and safety changes are necessary.  I just do not want to be surprised 4 or 5 years from now with another large program that might not be covered. I also do not want to have increased taxes needed to cover unexpected issues. I hope all district residents will ponder these items and perhaps some I have not addressed and attend the meeting on Feb. 6.

I also want to add that I am not advocating denial of the building program as all the items that are addressed in the proposal are necessary. And piecemeal corrections will cost residents more than we can afford to pay!

Thank you.

Dayton Hausman