Resident says state shouldn’t push unwanted wind project on Yates-Somerset

Posted 24 August 2016 at 1:42 pm


These are some thoughts on wind turbines:

“Fear not the wind” – The outer blade travels over 130 miles per hour. That is a category 4 hurricane. That is something to FEAR.

What does home rule mean? The NYS Constitution grants towns the right to pass laws that provide for the protection and enhancement of the physical and visual environment of local property.

Does home rule apply to this project? No. All local elected officials are demanding that they are opposed and should be listened to but are being ignored.

Should Article 10 be challenged in court? Yes. There is a move by the towns of Somerset and Clayton to rally many counties and towns to form a large group of opposition.

Who gives the go-ahead to this project? An unelected panel in Albany. They have no investment in the Town of Yates or Somerset.

Who is paying for all the signs and billboards in support of the project? A guess is Apex and maybe New York State. Are lease holders required as part of the lease to post signs on their property? Who knows?

Has Apex and the state government been transparent about this project? No.

There was a recent meeting between Apez, the state government and federal officials which the towns were not allowed to attend and the content of the meeting was not disclosed.

If windmills are built, are they forever? Yes. When everyone goes broke (remember the coal plant), the lease holder has the problem of removing and the time and cost will be prohibitive, so they will remain. A mistake that cannot be corrected should never take place.

Are subsidies forever? No. Those groups that receive them think they are but technology changes as well as government programs. There was a great example recently involving solar energy and the State of Nevada. Solar City has lost its shirt on solar panels and the state wants to eliminate the subsidies they have paid for many years. Subsidies are for startup ideas but each business needs to stand on its own at some point.

How efficient are wind turbines? 23 percent, max. Most of the time it will be considerably less.

How inefficient are wind turbines? 77 percent and higher, and will mostly run on fossil fuel not wind.

Most efficient green energy? Niagara Falls.

This project is a terrible idea, can’t be fixed and is unwanted by the majority of taxpayers as well as public elected officials. Does Albany care or hear that message? Let me be clear Albany: Don’t let this project move forward.

Ray Watt


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