Resident says Shelby highway chief has been unresponsive after town damaged property

Posted 4 November 2019 at 6:35 am


My name is Kim Brown and I am writing to inform voters why there is a need for change with the Shelby Highway Superintendent. I purchased my current home in the Town of Shelby in February of 2018.

I work hard to keep it looking good and not rundown. I also pay my taxes on time, but feel I have not been treated fairly. On or about August 6, 2018, my front window to my house was broken due to a rock being thrown from a street sweeper.

My husband was home and when he heard the noise he looked around but didn’t notice the window until he went outside to investigate more. By which time they were already down the road. I called the Highway Superintendent Mike Fuller that day and was advised to get an estimate to him and he would get it taken care.

I delivered the estimate to the Town of Shelby on Friday, Aug. 10. Since then I have not been successful any time that I have tried to make contact with him. I was always getting his voicemail and never getting any type of response. Then all of a sudden his voicemail was “full” and I was unable to leave any more messages.  I then went as far as to take time off of work to physically go to the Town of Shelby in hopes of catching him there. No matter the time he wasn’t there.

I left messages with the Town Clerk for him at which point I was advised that it was turned over to the insurance company and they were waiting on them to respond. I have recently discovered that he never sent my estimate to the insurance company.

I did not want to be a pain in the butt as I know how the government can sometimes drag its feet, but I feel I have been more than patient waiting for any type of response.

Kim Brown