Resident says current sheriff should defend department’s leadership

Posted 7 September 2015 at 12:00 am


As a lifelong resident of this county and one who has voted for Sheriff Scott Hess, I would like to know exactly where he is?

Although Hess’s tenure as sheriff of Orleans County is coming to an end, I believe he is still in charge of the department. It concerns me that he seems to be sitting idly by while his employees – namely dispatchers, deputies, corrections officers as well as community members – are attacking the department and his undersheriff and chief deputy.

I do believe that as the sheriff, Hess must give his “OK” to the goings on in the department. This means he is aware of how everything is handled and condones and agrees with it.

In my opinion it is time for him to speak out, and take some of the heat and defend his most trusted in command. How can he sit by while the characters and careers of Undersheriff Steve Smith and Chief Deputy Tom Drennan are under attack on a daily basis?

Sheriff Hess it’s time for you to stand by your men as they have stood by you.

Maryann LeStorti Smith