Resident not happy with tree removal along canal

Posted 7 November 2017 at 12:12 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: Trees and limbs that were cut down in Albion along the canal are stacked by the towpath near the Butts Road bridge.


So far I have not seen any stumps being dug out on the canal.  They are being chipped to the soil surface. What mower does the canal have that will be able to mow the differing grades and angles along the canal once this nice grass grows?

As far as tourism goes, what are the bicyclists and walkers to do for shade? I would think the bicyclists who do the Buffalo to Albany ride will be disappointed. Is someone hoping that interest in the canal will fall to nothing so no one will have to pay for the upkeep?

This mess has happened since the canal changed hands. What other great ideas will they come up with? Is this the place for the high speed rail? So sad!

Maybe they should look at trying to slow down many of the boats that fly down the canal all the while causing erosion to the banks. Am I unhappy? You bet!

Lani Streb-Tozer