Resident hopeful judge’s decision ends litigation with ‘Squirrel Slam’

Posted 1 July 2017 at 11:15 am


I am relieved to hear that Judge Bannister has ruled in favor of the Holley Fire Department in the matter of the Squirrel Slam, in spite of an ever increasing phalanx of lawyers imported from the New York City firm of Winston and Strawn.

I was becoming concerned that so many attorneys had migrated from NYC to Orleans County to defend the furry little creatures that the pigeons of Gotham would be left without adequate counsel.

Winston and Strawn, to look on the bright side, will probably need to perform no more pro bono work for decades. Should they find the need, however, I have noticed a decline in the population of groundhogs on my property, surely caused by the presence of a certain Australian Shepard.  She will be happy to defend herself – in or out of the courtroom – against any number of lawyers.

Charles Lind