Resident has concerns about future costs with Yates Town Park

Posted 5 January 2020 at 8:42 pm


Town of Yates property taxpayers last week property tax notices were mailed out. Did yours go up or down? Consider this – a year ago we underwent a town-wide reassessment to bring equal rates to all (being told this could bring lower taxes to many).

When grant money runs out who is going to pay for maintenance, already at $10,000 per year, of the Yates Town Park, given the electricity, increased liability insurance (to cover the jetties, kayak launch, cost of vandalism, and plugged toilets), and Morrison Road repairs the Town Park REDI project will entail?

One last point, why is it only the Town Board has the say, yes or no, to a $2.5 million park enhancement? As a taxpayer, I feel I have no say.

Bill Jurinich