Resident gives $1,200 stimulus check to Community Action

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 23 April 2020 at 6:48 pm

Provided photo: Donna and Dick Anderson donated a stimulus check for $1,200 from the federal government to Community Action.

CARLTON – When Dick Anderson of Oak Orchard on the Lake heard the government was going to send checks to nearly every American to help out in this time of economic uncertainty, he supported the action.

“There’s definitely a need out there,” Anderson said from his home in Bradenton, Fl., where he and his wife Donna spend the winters.

But when the checks showed up in their bank account, Dick thought it was kind of ridiculous when he and his wife are living comfortably on their retirement and Social Security. Both are retired teachers – Dick from Spencerport and Donna from Churchville.

“We have a steady income, and don’t need the checks,” Anderson said.

He placed a call to his daughter Dawn Squicciarini, who teaches at Albion Middle School, telling her they would like to donate their checks. Squicciarini called Annette Finch, director of emergency services at Community Action.

Finch knew she would have no trouble finding a suitable recipient or recipients for the donation. She has already started a Covid-19 Fund to accept donations from people in the community who have called and said they want to help.

The Andersons are going to use one of their checks to help someone they know, but the other $1,200 is being sent to Community Action.

“It will be of much better use there than sitting in our account at the credit union,” Dick said. “It’s the least we could do.”

Finch said her office has been inundated with requests for assistance since the pandemic hit – from people who are asking for help with rent and utility bills to the recent young girl with a small child who is forced to move due to domestic violence and needs furniture.

Finch said she was very pleased to see the Andersons wanted to help someone less fortunate.

“It warms my heart that people in the community are coming forward in this crisis to help others,” Finch said. “I really thank Dick and his wife.”

Finch said she will make sure deserving families, individuals or seniors are able to take advantage of these donations.

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