Resident disappointed that wind project has been delayed in Yates

Posted 11 August 2017 at 5:22 pm


I am writing in response to John Riggi’s letter regarding the Lighthouse Wind project schedule. John, you are right that the project has been delayed. And you are right that the opposition has had a hand in it. But that does not mean it is right what has been done.

Apex Clean Energy is the parent company of Lighthouse Wind. The employees of the company and the ones which work on the Lighthouse Wind project have never tried to hide their name. The company has nearly 60 projects in 20 states, so naturally they differentiate between the companies different projects.

Why would you try to turn this into another scandal, John? Your anger and selfish motives couldn’t have been more apparent as at last night’s Town Board meeting.

You question why the delay on the project? It’s because of you and your friends at SOS. Not only have you hijacked our town council, but you are not governing fairly nor listening to and representing all of your constituents. You appear to have one agenda – opposing Lighthouse Wind.

Why are you not doing your job and representing all of the people of Yates? Those of us who have lived here for generations are open to this project that could bring needed community benefits to our town.

The met tower delay has been a sneaky way to delay this project. These are temporary structures on private property which gather important scientific data that will be reviewed by the state agencies and town’s experts after the application is filed. It’s not right that you have delayed this process. That is what is not right.

I have been a resident of Yates for a very long time.  This is my home, and I want to see it thrive again.

Linda Fisk