Resident disappointed no Barre officials attended session on conflicts of interest

Posted 31 October 2018 at 8:09 pm


No Town of Barre board members or Heritage Wind LLC (Apex Clean Energy) members attended a meeting on Oct. 30 at the Hoag Library. Brad Jones discussed conflicts of interest and environmental impacts from wind energy and Article 10 laws.

So it looks like all of the residents in the Town of Barre have to fight off Apex Clean Energy and Heritage Wind LLC on their own as the Town of Barre board members count all the money from the lease agreements that they have signed  and don’t forget they can not say anything because they all have a no-speak policy in their lease agreements with Heritage Wind LLC.

Please note all Town of Barre board members and the lawyer for the Town of Barre were invited to this meeting. Heritage Wind LLC and Apex Clean Energy also was invited, but none were present for the meeting.

William Nacca