Resident appreciates choices on the ballot in Shelby

Posted 19 October 2023 at 4:46 pm


I am writing this letter to the editor to wish all the candidates the best in all their future endeavors – win or lose.

It’s a great thing when multiple people care enough about their community and want what is best for it. That being said I’d like to express that the last few years I have noticed the Shelby Highway Department has been doing a nice job on getting the failing ash trees along the roads taken care of. The roads are overall in nice shape while the highway’s budget seems to be in good order from what I hear from the meetings I watch.

I think a lot of us have already forgot how good of a job all the members of Highway Department did during the blizzard last Christmas. Being someone who has worked for Dale Root on his farm in the past, I always found him to be pleasant and caring. If something didn’t work or I made a mistake, all he cared was I was OK and after always being honest with him it was a “well we can repair that! just glad you’re good!”

Elections in small towns can be difficult. Everyone knows each other and some are friends with all the candidates. Vote for who you will as long as you go vote. Many brave men and women died to give us this sacred right. God Bless Shelby and all its candidates and their families and God Bless America.

Karl Haist Jr.