Resident appreciates Barre Town Board for passing revised wind energy ordinance

Posted 16 February 2021 at 4:54 pm


A big thank you to the Barre Town Board for passing an update to the wind ordinance last Wednesday. This was a long, involved process which involved many, many meetings and they patiently listened to feedback from all residents over a period of years. I am proud of this Board for hanging in there and getting this done.

I’m disappointed, though, in the article that followed that meeting in the Hub which focused on one Board member who walked out of the meeting after requesting that the meeting end at 10:00 p.m. If you only attended this meeting, you may feel bad for that councilperson and believe the other board members should have accommodated her.

What you could not gather from one meeting, is that the other board members have been more than accommodating over the last year. If you followed all the Barre Town Board and Planning Board meetings for the past year, you would say cheers to the Board that they kept their focus and moved forward.

This councilperson has had the option and has been joining meetings from home for the last few months and could have continued to do so since it is normal for these meetings to go past 10 p.m.

This one councilperson has yelled at the other Board members on numerous occasions and slammed the door on the way out, has been stalling and delaying as a tactic all along because she opposes the turbine project, resulting in most meetings ending late or being postponed to another day. It is easy to see that this is what she was doing.

The other Board members have been trying to work with her and given her more than enough workshops and meetings to go over her concerns, but it seems that working together with the other elected officials is not part of her plan.

This councilmember must learn to work with  others. She may have a viewpoint she feels strongly about, but in the end, she serves all the residents, not just the ones with her opinion.

Chris Loss