Republicans urged to vote with courage in presidential election

Posted 29 October 2020 at 10:31 am


There are Republicans I would have voted for over Joe Biden, but I would never vote for a person who, in my view, is as depraved as Donald Trump.

Reading Judge Punch’s recent letter was encouraging, though not particularly surprising. How about that? Another Republican—along with Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Bill Weld and numerous others—with courage.

Our accidental, aberrational President is deplorable as a leader. It sickens me to think teens such as the ones I had the pleasure to work with for decades are hearing some of his rhetoric dressed up as “tweets”.  He referred to the highly respected Dr. Fauci as an “idiot” not long ago. That wasn’t strange enough, so he called someone else a “dumb (read a synonym for a child without an acknowledged father)”.

As a Democrat whose nephew is a deputy sheriff, I am offended by the notion that Joe Biden wants to “defund” the police because less than one-tenth of one percent are “bad apples” of one sort or another.  No one I know—black, white, or brown—thinks most in law enforcement are evil. I rarely miss an opportunity to thank those doing conscientious law enforcement for the dangerous work they do.

Heaven forbid that Donald Trump performs as President the way he runs his business ventures.  He will never pay our Nation’s bills any more than he has his own and will likely bankrupt the Nation the way he has so many of his businesses. My condolences to anyone who has ever worked for Mr. Trump expecting to be paid. Good luck getting paid if you ever do any work for Mr. Trump.

Isn’t it swell that he puts corporate lobbyists and those with histories of polluting and otherwise destroying the environment in charge of our regulatory agencies? (Of course, he could not do so without a complicit United States Senate to approve his appointments.) The environmental groups I support leave no doubt about which candidate is preferable if we are to save the planet.

But none of what people such as Judge Punch, Joe Gehl, Doug Miller, and I say makes any difference if voters use the cover of the secret ballot to reinstall a President who believes he is above the law and money is everything.

Your readers will have to look at themselves in their mirrors and think of some line of baloney to give their children and grandchildren should any of them ever ask how such a con man got elected President—twice!


Gary Kent